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Peter Bergman, 1939-2012

March 20, 2012

Peter Bergman, one of the four members of The Firesign Theatre, died a couple of weeks ago. He was a talented writer and actor, and I was sad when I learned about his death.

I’m a big Firesign fan. They put out a bunch of great record albums that I started listening to when I was in high school. Each record was, basically, a play, and they wrote everything themselves and played all the characters.  They often referred to themselves as “four or five crazy guys,” and what they meant was that when the four of them got together to do something a fifth person, a kind of group mind, was created. I think that the fifth crazy guy will live on for a long time.  And I’ll always be grateful to Peter and the three (or four) others for opening my mind to the many possibilities of not just the performing arts, but of life itself.